Hands & Hearts in Action: Awareness & Outreach

The Hands & Hearts in Action Program raises awareness about the power of massage therapy and engages in compassionate outreach in our communities by providing massage to those with significant need and who encounter barriers to access.

We give back,  by providing volunteer massage therapy services to U.S. Veterans, active duty personnel, first-responders,  trauma care providers, and family members through our Compassion in Action (CIA) Program.   We value the sacrifices provided by the women and women of our armed forces, those ‘deployed at home’, and those who service our communities.  Our C.I.A. program shares our empathy and gratitude for service by:

  • C.I.A. Homeless Veterans Outreach: With our partner, Clear Path for Veterans, we created a team of therapists in the Syracuse area who provide massage therapy to Veterans without a home in the CNY area at the Van Keuren home.   This program is led under the direction of volunteer Tess Contos, LMT.
  • Providing Donations to Veteran Service Organizations.  Nicole Miller, her husband Mark, and their children Jordan and Ashton, have donated to Clear Path for Veterans in NY and Dry Hooch in Wisconsin to fund massage therapy for Veterans without a home and family members of Veterans.
  • Volunteer massage therapists provide services at community events for Veterans and service members.

This project was actually sparked years ago by Kevin, who is a

Give Back

veteran at the Van Keuran home. Kevin visited the HHIA massage clinic at Clear Path for Veterans. At the time he volunteered extensively at Clear Path, even though he was living without a home. His compassion is inspirational and is a primary motivation for the C.I.A. Thank you Kevin, we hope to represent your spirit and generosity in the best way possible.

To learn more or sign up for CIA program please visit here.

Pictured below are (1) VA reps, Mike from VanKeuren, and volunteers Tess & Dave (2) Nicole Miller and Kevin, the Veteran who inspired this initiative (3) Tess, Nicole, & Dave.