Hands & Hearts in Action: Educational Curriculum & Content

This page serves to help massage therapists make informed decisions regarding participation in the HHIA Vetetran’s Massage education program.  You will find information regarding classes, program design, and more.

Some Key Points:

  • This program is designed to prepare therapists who want to volunteer, who see occasional veteran clients in private practice, or who want to support VA referrals.
  • The curriculum is flexible and fluid.  Given the exponential growth of the VA’s Whole Health Program in the past 5 years, we have altered our format to shift from a program designed to help Clear Path as volunteers to helping prepare therapists as clinicians as well.
  • The material and information learned has the potential for cross application.  For example, the Invisible Service Wounds class supports the Trauma-Informed Care model and learning will support non-Veteran patients who have experienced trauma.
  • The content is supported by extensive research, reflections of 814 clinical guests, advisement by VA staff, and advisement by high-level medical professionals.  It is intended to support a Team-Based Care Model.

For a video about our Warrior Hands Program

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