Nicole Miller, M.S., L.M.T.


It’s nice to meet you.  My name is Nicole and I strive to help family, friends, colleagues, clients, and…myself.   Welcome to IM Well Educated.  This site is designed to serve as a hub for information about Integrative Medicine for people wanting to explore more to support personal health & wellness as well as people who strive to support others.

Learning takes place all around us, every day, in many formats.  This site fuses together information that is derived from the wisdom of others with experience, the intelligence of people more resourceful than us, and the resources provided by data explorers.  In most sections you will find links and direction to these different formats of learning.  For the past two decades I have enjoyed health/wellness experiences and learning while reading books, meeting people, attending education classes and more.  So often, I have been validated by the experiences of others or encouraged by the quotes I’ve heard.   My hope is that my experience, reflections, and knowledge will help you be better prepared for your own individual experience.  My hope is that my hindsight will be your foresite.

The information presented here includes sources that are national and local to Central New York, the home to the founder of this site.  With utmost respect, you are asked not to solicit the program, founder, or contributing authors with requests to add information or promote for-profit services.  I encourage readers to always support yourself with additional research, including research that opposes information here, so that you will make the best-informed decision for yourself and your family.  And, as always make sure to talk with your primary care physician or specialist before adding any new method or treatment to your health and wellness care program.

There is one important thing that I ask of you, please judge wisely.   To do so,  research thoroughly and consider all possibilities before spending your time and resources.  Depend on others for input, especially your primary provider and others whom you trust.   Lastly, grant yourself the chance to learn and live as well as you can.

My FYI includes:

  • Master’s of Science in Business, concentrating in human training and development
  • Higher education administration in Student Affairs
  • Massage therapy education, licensing, and practice
  • College instruction
  • Hospital community engagement instruction and outreach
  • Continuing education provider
  • Volunteer often because I have difficulty saying no
  • Fondness for quotes
  • Mother of twins and wife of biomedical researcher
  • Novice Knitter